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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Down for the Count

I am currently down for the count until June 4th. After this date, give me a few days to allow the alcohol to run its course, then flow back in, then flow out again. Then I will send out new posts, like the upstart White Sox, lowly Yankees, non-juiced Jason Giambi (but still with his Steroid-size head) The Phoenix Suns and the Miami Herald writer debating the legitamacy of having a white MVP and Rex Chapman backing him up. Talking about the Whizzinator...greatest subject talked about on ESPN TV, Internet any of the above.

I have gotten some reader feedback (shocking since I did not think anyone at all read this) but I got the indication that Mike Tyson and his illiteracy is an enjoyed topic. If you have any others, please post them on the comments or email me at Granted, me stumbling across something funny is so rare and far inbetween that I probably expect no feedback.

Talk to you soon.