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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Occasionally Coherent Ramblings in Sports #22

Can we please ship Starbury to the island in the movie "Castaway" and just leave him there. For a guy who is a mediocre player at best, and a me-first small point guard, he has the ego of a Top 5 player in sports.

Roger Clemens son is practicing for his father and his future in getting away with a crime with charges against him being dropped for community service. Who will be the first athlete to commit murder and get off with community service? I mean, Ray Lewis got away with murder, O.J. got away with a double murder. But no one has gotten off of murder with Community Service....yet.

Big applause for Coach Paterno coming back in 2009. How can you not love this guy? Plus, he is coaching a real solid team.

Also in the news, like I was expecting yesterday, TO complained to the press about the production of the offense. TO, close your mouth and get back to work. Maybe your mouth running is hurting your team. Only TO would be complaining to the press during a week after a big win. If TO were a horse, we all would have begged for the opportunity to hang the curtain and turn him into glue. Unlike what happened at the Kentucky Derby, no women would be crying about TO....well, except for his baby mommas.

And P.J. Carlesimo and his 1976 glasses were fired after the Thunder have only won one time out of 13 times. It isnt a good team, but it is not simply P.J.'s fault. You might as well let him finish the year out and start over in the offseason. Oh, and with all the issues with the owner moving the team from basketball crazy Seattle to Oklahoma City, you may want to bring in some talent other than Kevin Durant.

Oh, and Ohio State over Michigan, Illinois over Northwestern, and Oklahoma over Texas Tech. Although personally I hope Texas Tech wins, no offense to Oklahoma, I just love watching Harrell and Crabtree work.

Tomorrow will mark a big loss for my Bears, and pretty much a quick unraveling of the season. I like Orton, and hope he can be the guy into the future. He will become better once he gets better receivers around him. This means an end to the Booker-era revisited, Brandon Lloyd, and hello to another high draft pick and, for the love of God, the signing of Anquan Boldin. But we know that wont happen.


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