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Monday, November 20, 2006

Occasionally Coherent Ramblings in Sports #20

I do not want to talk about Chicago sports, really, I dont, but how can I not? The Bears just went twice to New Jersey for football and won both games, all but securing the NFC North Division. But that was but only a small piece of the news Chicago is providing the sports world on Sunday and into Monday. 8-years/$136 million. Thats what they are going to pay for Alfonso Soriano. This is unbelievable. They never do anything this smart, and possibly overpaying, for a star in his prime. They have a pretty stacked line-up now, now if they only could find a few healthy arms to throw the ball over the plate and away from other team's bats.

Ahhh...back to the real issues at hand.

Green Bay is officially a mess. Not only is Brett Favre hurt with a nerve problem in his arm, which seems pretty serious to me. But, Aaron Rodgers, the backup QB and 2005 #1 draft pick broke his foot playing in one half of football for the injured Favre. The great thing about this, here is Favre, having played in 200+ games in a row, which, in my mind, is infinitely more impressive than Cal Ripken's streak, and he gets hurt during the first half and his backup gets hurt and will miss multiple games. Favre - 200+, Rodgers 0

Ladainian Tomlinson broke the pace for the number of games it takes to get to 100 TDs beating out Emmitt Smith and Jim Brown. Smith and Brown did it each in 93 games where Tomlinson got to it in 89 games. Oh, and he got to 101, 102 in 89 games too, the fastest to them as well. That is pretty decent company.

The Colts lost. Griese (No, Bob not Brian) and the rest of the 1972 Dolphins can un-cork the champagne. But, please follow that with the fact that NONE OF US CARE THAT YOU ALL STILL GET TOGETHER TO UN-CORK CHAMPAGNE AND CELEBRATE! I dont. I really just dont care. Granted, it has been so long since it last happened that many of the players on the team have to be careful and not mix the champagne with Viagra otherwise they could have adverse effects, like a hard-on for 12 hours, granted if you drink enough champagne, that may not be a total concern.


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