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Monday, April 18, 2005

Occasionally Coherent Ramblings #12

Mike Tyson? Who the hell cares about Tyson anymore (thank goodness Tyson cannot read so he cannot bust my brains in for that comment). Who cares about Tyson when we can have a Gary Sheffield versus Ron Artest prize match?

Crazy Ramblings of owners: Minnesota Timberwolves owner, Glen Taylor, sounding off about how Sam Cassell and Latrell "I like choking my coach" Sprewell were a "failed experiment" versus George Steinbrenner (who else could I pick) on how his team is off to an awful start at 4-8.

Lance Armstrong retiring due to age and exhaustion versus excessive use of doping

Manny Ramirez hitting two home runs (including an inside-the-park home run) versus losing two balls in the sun in the same game. Scorecard at home: 2 HRs vs 2 Errors

The collapse of the Cavaliers versus the great play of the Detroit Pistons (kills me to say being a devoted Chicago fan)

Kobe Bryant not making the playoffs with the Lakers vs "Buddy" Shaquille O'Neal and the Heat being the First-seed. (Only the Bulls being in the playoffs did I enjoy more than Kobe and the Lakers not making the playoffs and Shaq-Daddy and the Heat being a number one)

NFL Draft versus the NHL Draft

New York Yankees with a 4-8 record and a $252 Million Payroll versus the Washington Nationals with a 8-4 records and a $48 Million Payroll (Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez combined for $45 Million)

Amare Stoudemire vs Kwame Brown
Kevin Garnett vs DeSanga Diop
Mike Williams vs Maurice Clarett
City of Boston Sports vs the city of Cleveland sports (thank god for Cleveland, otherwise I may have had to put up Chicago...but more likely New York)
Red Sox fan vs. Gary Sheffiled
What do these all have in common? The obvious, the good and the bad, and the ugly

My excitement for Baseball season vs NBA Postseason with the Bulls vs the NFL Draft vs summer....Things I have been waiting for a long time.

And I bet you cannot wait, but, I will have a first round of the NFL Draft Day Log and I will post it right here on the "Occasionally Coherent ramblings" of Little Pinz.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Occasionally Coherent Ramblings #11

National Championship game, tonight, versus the two best teams in the NCAA. How unbelievably great is this? Is the NCAA drooling or are they still blind in realizing they should do this with football too?

Has this been one of the better Tournaments ever? Granted, top seeds being upset, two huge comebacks (highlighted by Louisville and the Collossal Collapse of Arizona to Illinois (Go Illini!) and highlighted with #1 and #2 in the AP Poll Playing one another. You have two schools where 1) The Head Coach with an extremely distinguished career but has never won a National Championship versus 2) A school that has never won and a career journeyman of a head coach who is proving that he may be one of the better coaches to come around in a quite some time.

And, just how Selig and his illegally induced muscled cronies began the season just how they wanted, with the Yankees playing the Red Sox in the Bronx. Unfortunately, the game was so one-sided atfter the 4th inning, did anyone else turn off the game and am already sick of baseball's version of the Hatfield and McCoys?

Being a Cub fan, I still think the rivalry between Cubs and the Cardinals is better since people dont actually fight each other over the game but have a fun, strongly loyal set of fans who care immensely about their teams.

Basketball is winding its season down and, still as a complete shocker to me, the woeful Bulls continue to buy into Head Coach Scott Skiles (and should be Coach of the Year) are tied for the 4th spot in the playoffs with the Washington Wizards. Therefore, the Bulls go from one of the worst teams in the NBA with one of the higher lottery selections, and what does should-be executive of the year do? Drafts Ben "Jordan" Gordon and trades next years 1st round pick and picks up recently announced season ending injury but has a heck of a solid future in front of him, Luol Deng.

Great News from an old NBA player:
Player turned druggie, Shawn Kemp, was arrested and left in jail after an arrest which he was found to have marijuana and cocaine. Good work Shawn, blown a line for me.

Also, 19 days until the NFL Draft. I am one of those that cannot wait for the draft and will be watching it. I think I will keep a running log on what I do during the draft day. Sounds like a great read, right?