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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Occasionally Coherent Ramblings in Sports #23

So I was correct in 2 of 3 choices yesterday in college football. I was correct in Ohio State (not a difficult choice), was wrong about Illinois, and was correct about Oklahoma. I figured with Northwestern already guaranteed a bowl bid and Illinois playing for one that Illinois would come out firing. Northwestern totally dominated the game, and you know NU coach Pat Fitzgerald loved every second of it considering Illinois rejected giving Fitzgerald a chance to play football. As for the OU-TTU, I was thoroughly disappointed. The game was just a total shellacking, and just embarrassing for TTU.

Another day of football has come and passed and another pathetic showing of my fantasy football squad. I am soon going to have professional football players pay me not to draft them.

The Detroit Lions may just be the worst football team I have seen play in the last 5 years....until I watched the Rams play against the Bears. They are an embarrassment to professional football and for the town of St. Louis. I could have rushed for 50 yards against that defensive line and I am slow. I am sure I can run a 40-yard dash in 15 seconds flat.

Andy Reid pulled Donovan McNabb for the second half of the game. after turning the ball over 2 more times, concluding a dreadful week for McNabb which he admitted to not knowing that an NFL football game ends in a tie if no points are scored in overtime. This patheic play of McNabb is helping Andy Reid hide the fact that he is an awful coach. Same goes for Norv Turner. Has one man not named O.J. gotten more chances than Norv Turner? He took a talented team and turned them into a team that struggles to do anything cohesive.

Standing applause to the hard work of Matt Cassel, Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels for Cassels abilities after not starting a game since high school. The system and his hard work have allowed a team who lost arguably the best QB in the NFL within the first few minutes of the season to possibly do some harm in the playoffs. Many people are saying the Jets are the best team in the AFC right now, and the Pats-Jets game was a high-scoring affair. If that game is played again in the playoffs, and Brett Favre has to lead the Jets in the last few minutes, I would bet against him....but it is leading to an interesting side-story.

So the NBA season has started to a thunk, but the NHL seems to be on the rise. There are some new good players in the NHL and big city teams like the Blackhawks are looking like real contenders again and the fans are attending games in droves. Which is great for all you white people north of the border.

Side note, a wife of a friend of mine, who we are in the same fantasy league together asked me today when fantasy football is response, "Never!" Unfortunately this is very true....especially for those in keeper leagues.


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